Pictures of Me


This is me!

Ok, this is me! I know, I'm not much to look at, but that's ok! I'm still the biggest Alan fan ever! All pictures are thumbnails just to let you know.

My best friends

These are my best friends, two of which I no longer talk to...Jackie and Audra. This picture was taken on our field trip to Six Flags Marine World. From left to right they are Joanna, Amanda, Audra, Cristina, Jackie

My friends again

This was part of the same field trip. Now we're down in San Fransisco. This was right before we walked across the bridge. Brr... From left to right they are Katie, Cristina, Joanna, Amanda, and Jackie.

Me, Leonard, and Tina

This is me, Leonard, and Tina!

Me and Tina

This is me and my best friend Cristina.

Joanna and Tyler

This is my favorite picture of my friend Joanna. It's on our field trip. We also got to go to a Giants game as you can see. Joanna is also a big Alan fan!


This is my pride and joy. She's my little baby. Her name is Pookie. Don't ask, my mom named her..Regardless of her name, she's still the most beautiful kitty in the world! We just put her down on June 28, 2003. I'll really miss her. She was the best cat ever.

Boy George and Faithful

These our my two dogs, Abigail and Annie. Abigail is one with the two pics on the left. Annie is my sisters, and Abigail is mine. Aren't they precious?

Niether of these cats our really ours. Well, it turns out the gray cat is really a boy...and not a girl. So we call him Boy George...heehee. He has a big crush on Woo and follows her everywhere. Faithful, the one on the right, is a friends, but they're having us watch her, until they get a house...or something like that, not really sure...oh well, she's cute.